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"I’ll Be With You is the fourth release on the Real Music label from Irish pianist/composer/keyboardist Eamonn Karran. I have reviewed all four albums, but this one seems to be his most personal and expressive work to date"


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"Eamonn Karran has grown into one of the foremost Celtic composers of his day.  His skills on piano and the artistic compositions created on this album are simply supreme.  Flowing with an untouchable confidence and hovering with a delicacy of respect, I’ll Be With You by Eamonn Karran is an album that would be impossible for me not to recommend, it is that good".


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"Real Music, a hugely respected label, might have thought they were taking a risk in signing Eamonn to their impressive roster of musicians, but this release from this incredible pianist not only justifies their bold decision, it propels the composer into the same league as other new-age greats such as George Winston and Kevin Kern. 'The Forgotten Road' will not pass from memory. Take the journey, and its outstanding beauty will stay with the listener for many years to come" .            



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