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I'm excited to announce the launch of my new solo piano album "Bring Me Home" on 22nd September 2023!!

More details to follow......



My love for the piano began at age seven when my parents bought an upright for our home. I naturally connected with it and sat for hours listening to music on the radio, finding the keys to play the notes I was hearing, I gradually taught myself to play and developed my own unique style. Teenage years drew me to ambient music and many happy hours were spent exploring the music of artists such as Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield and Clannad. At the age of 13, I purchased my first beloved synthesizer, a Casio CZ1000, and over the next few years built a small collection of analogue and digital keyboards as I delved into the world of 80s electronic music. The piano fell briefly away, as my aim was to try and get enough equipment to record original electronic pieces. Then whilst on holiday in 1994, I was sitting in a restaurant and heard the most incredible piano music in the background. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. The rich tone and the melodies were amazing. To this day I still do not know who that musician was, but it changed my perception of music forever. Soon after, I purchased my first Kurzweil 88 note-weighted piano and have never looked back.

From 1994 to 2011, I played piano/keyboards in many bands and traveled quite a bit performing everything from Irish rock to blues, pop, rock and roll and played at many civil and religious ceremonies. I gathered a collection of original melodies that I always intended to produce but as life's responsibilities grew, I realized that I would probably never get the time I needed to properly record my ideas.

 In April 2011, my life changed in a split second when I was involved in a car accident that left me instantly out of work as a driver. As the accident was my fault, I lost my permit to work . Together we made the decision that it was time to do something about my passion for music... The timing couldn't have been better as my wife was fortunate enough to gain full-time employment and I was able to dedicate time to compose and create the music I love..

Over the next year I set about recording using any equipment I could gather together. I programmed my Yamaha synth to create flowing sounds and textures, I recorded everything live and layered up sounds and beats overlayed with soft piano melodies. Before long I had a collection of tracks but what next??. By chance I got chatting to a musician friend and he loved the music I was creating, he advised me to research companies that promote music for relaxation. At that time I was listening to artists from a fantastic label called Real Music. I was drawing so much inspiration from the likes of 2002, Omar Akram, Bernward Koch, Peter Kater and many more, the list goes on and on. I decided "why not" send them my music, sure all they can say is "no thanks". Initially they came back saying they liked my compositions but not quite what they are looking for, keep in touch. This was my spur to dramatically improve my music. I set about modernising my recording set up, learning from tutorials on how to take my sound onto the next level, I started using virtual instruments and before long I had an entirely new collection of tracks to send. I was dumbstruck when the offered me a contract. A label that I had looked up to for so long was now signing me as one of their artists and the rest is history!!

Nowadays, I like to blend sweeping orchestral pads and Celtic percussion, whistles and pipes with flowing piano melodies and haunting vocals to create a sound that evokes thoughts of my Irish homeland whilst adding a uniquely modern twist to a traditional sound. Everything I compose is straight from my soul, and I strive to convey my emotions in each track. Whilst I still have a love for the electronic genre, I now draw most of my inspiration from melodic pianists such as Ludovico Einaudi, Yiruma, Phil Coulter, Jim Brickman and off coarse many of my fellow Real Music artists.

Since my accident I have become a deeply spiritual person. I regularly travel into the local countryside to connect with the earth and draw inspiration from nature and the sounds it creates. I am blessed to live in one of the most beautiful, unspoiled corners of the world, which has a dramatic impact on the music I compose. I owe my life to angels and believe they held me safe during my accident. Therefore, I dedicate time each day to meditate and pray for guidance in my life and music. My goal is to produce recordings that will help heal and enhance the physical and spiritual wellbeing of others, and the ultimate compliment is to be told that my music has helped someone through a difficult phase in life. I sincerely hope that many around the world will draw inspiration and hope from my music.

Blessings and best wishes





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"I’ll Be With You is the fourth release on the Real Music label from Irish pianist/composer/keyboardist Eamonn Karran. I have reviewed all four albums, but this one seems to be his most personal and expressive work to date"


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"Eamonn Karran has grown into one of the foremost Celtic composers of his day.  His skills on piano and the artistic compositions created on this album are simply supreme.  Flowing with an untouchable confidence and hovering with a delicacy of respect, I’ll Be With You by Eamonn Karran is an album that would be impossible for me not to recommend, it is that good".


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"Real Music, a hugely respected label, might have thought they were taking a risk in signing Eamonn to their impressive roster of musicians, but this release from this incredible pianist not only justifies their bold decision, it propels the composer into the same league as other new-age greats such as George Winston and Kevin Kern. 'The Forgotten Road' will not pass from memory. Take the journey, and its outstanding beauty will stay with the listener for many years to come" .            



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TEL: (0044)07522997079


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